A lot of guys ask me… Can I poke a girl on Facebook to establish a chat? Here’s the fast response… NO!

Sure, it’s a neat little tool to utilize on your friends… but for picking up attractive women you hardly know or don’t know AT ALL on Facebook? No way Jose.

Poking a girl (or internet hugging, kissing, etc.) is practically worthless… I mean… gorgeous girls probably get poked more than the Pillsbury Dough Boy on Facebook!

And just as regularly they push the “remove” button to get rid of those irritating pokes from hopeless guys. I saw one of my hot girlfriend’s Facebook account and my chin hit the floor just from seeing how many guys she’s rejected just because they did this.

She literally had at least 50 guys (from the last day or two) poking her on a normal basis. Her e-mail account was filled with alerts of guys she didn’t know sending her a poke.

“I don’t even have time to go through and delete all of these!” she tells me… boy, was she irritated!

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